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6 Caribbean Beauty Products And Wellness tips

6 Caribbean Beauty Products And Wellness tips

When we think of Caribbean fruit and veg, we usually imagine exotic dishes, refreshing drinks and tasty, tropical snacks. However, many of the delicious ingredients found in Caribbean cooking also have beauty and wellness benefits too. From nourishing coconuts to hydrating mangoes, here are some highly effective fruit and veg Caribbean beauty products to try.
  • Joanne Crossley
Our favourite Caribbean drinks to try this autumn

Our favourite Caribbean drinks to try this autumn

Many tropical cocktails, alcoholic tipples and soft, fruity drinks are based on that staple of Caribbean drinks – rum. Rum has been around since the 17th century. It is made from fermented and distilled sugar cane molasses or juice.
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10 tasty Caribbean dishes for you to try at home

10 tasty Caribbean dishes for you to try at home

Caribbean cuisine is renowned for its unique blends of herbs, spices and fresh fruit and vegetables. It is also rich with delicious seafood, tasty chicken and pork and heart, warming curries and stews.
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7 Summer Picnic Ideas Inspired By Caribbean Fruit And Veg

7 Summer Picnic Ideas Inspired By Caribbean Fruit And Veg

Eating outdoors is one of summer’s greatest pleasures, especially when you can meet up with friends and family. After months of restrictions, it’s nicer than ever to pack a summer picnic and head out for an al fresco afternoon. To enjoy a more exotic taste, why not plan a Caribbean picnic to tempt the taste buds?
5 reasons why you need a Caribbean fruit and veg box

5 reasons why you need a Caribbean fruit and veg box

Ever since COVID-19 and the UK lockdowns, more people are enjoying the benefits of having groceries delivered to their home. Fruit and veg deliveries have been particularly popular. This is because people have been keen to stay healthy, even if they cannot get to the shops quite so easily. 

A great option for a tasty, exotic injection of vitamins is to have a Caribbean fruit and veg box delivered. This gives you a variety of items that help make healthy eating more interesting and colourful. 

Want to know more?

The NHS advised everyone to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. The best way to stay motivated to do this over a longer period of time is to choose a variety of things to eat, so it doesn’t get boring. Caribbean fruit and vegetables are colourful, tasty and versatile, suitable for eating raw or adding to recipes to give some extra zing. Here are some more reasons to try them out.

1. Healthy eating with no fuss

As well as helping us get our five a day, eating more fruit and vegetables can help improve our health and wellbeing no end. Caribbean fruit contains a lot of vitamins, For instance, vitamin C is found in citrus fruits like oranges and limes, and it helps our immune system. Vitamin A is prevalent in fruits with stones in, like apricots and nectarines.

Caribbean fruit and veg box-fruit and veg box

 It helps strengthen the brain, heart and kidney. Many berries contain vitamin E, as does kiwi fruit, and this boosts our eyesight and skin. Finally, bananas are well-known to contain potassium to support blood pressure and cardiovascular health and lots of fruit and veg carry good levels of fibre. 

2. Discover new flavours

Caribbean produce includes  exotic range of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. These include several delicious varieties, such as:

  • Cassava – a root that is grated, boiled or roasted to add flavour
  • Coconut – prized for its delicious milk and flesh, which can be toasted or flaked
  • Mango – sweet tasting fruit with fleshy pulp and a large stone. Often served as a fruit juice

Caribbean fruit and veg box-mango

  • Papaya – delicate, apricot-coloured flesh with peppery black seeds. Can be used as a fruit or vegetable
  • Pineapple – distinctive shaped fruit, once highly revered amongst the highest parts of society, now more widely consumed
  • Plantain – starchy, unsweetened variety of banana, cooked before being used in savoury dishes, e.g. in West Indian cuisine
  • Watermelon – refreshing, juicy fruit with soft flesh and small seeds. Cut into slices or cubes or juice to serve

Why not branch out and try some new flavours in your Caribbean fruit and veg box? You can add interest to your fruit bowl or spice up some of your usual recipes. All without having to venture further than your own front door.

3. A taste of home

For many Caribbean or West Indian families living in the UK, it feels great to have the taste of cuisine that they used to in their childhood. Family recipes requiring specialist Caribbean fruit and vegetables can be made more easily with ingredients delivered straight to the front door and communities can enjoy sharing special meals together during celebrations and as part of the normal routine.

Caribbean fruit and veg box-fruits

 It is pleasing to feel connected with different community in difficult times just like the recent lockdowns. Eating familiar food can go a long way towards increasing confidence and contentment.

 4. Cut down on packaging

A lot of people are growing concerned about the amount of packaging that supermarkets are using to present their goods. Excess packaging leads to more rubbish going to landfill. It also requires more energy to create the materials needed to wrap and package everything for sale in the first place. Home delivery boxes of Caribbean fruit and vegetables tend to come with much less packaging. 

This is better for the environment and for your own rubbish bins. What’s more, the cardboard and paper that come with a Caribbean fruit and veg box are often removed by the delivery person, or collected at a later date. This stops the customer having to worry about what to do with it when they have unpacked their produce. 

5. Inspire the next generation

Children are often reluctant to eat new foods, preferring to stick with what they know. If they see you eating a variety of things, however, they may be happier to try something different. They may also really enjoy having exotic fruit and veg arrive on their doorstep and be more tempted to see what they taste like. 

Introducing children to new tastes early on is a really good thing to do. This is because it encourages them to be brave in their food choices and be less fussy when they get older. They are happier to experiment more!

  • Joanne Crossley