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Why you will love Windrush Bay

We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best selection, and we will always do our best to deliver at your convenience - bringing pleasure back to the Caribbean shopping experience.

  • Supporting Caribbean farmers and international independent producers
    We source the best tropical products and support Caribbean farmers and international independent producers
  • Efficient delivery service to your doorstep
    We deliver to you at your convenience
  • Eco-friendly packaging
    We aim to reduce plastic waste in our deliveries as much as possible

Authentic Caribbean Groceries

Discover the finest selection - fresh, tasty and delivered at your convenience

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About Us

We have something for Everyone!

We offer a delightful selection of quality Caribbean groceries, gifts, rums and wellbeing products, whether produced in the region or in the UK, featuring exclusive and premium brands with great heritage and wonderful stories to tell. Our collaborations with small independent suppliers also feature products not usually seen on the high street.

OurĀ aimĀ isĀ toĀ continue the traditionsĀ of the Caribbean food experience combined with the modern convenience of shopping online. Whether you fancy aĀ refreshing fruity platterĀ for breakfast,Ā orĀ ifĀ youā€™re planning a delicious CaribbeanĀ cook-up, take a lookĀ atĀ theĀ discerning rangeĀ of products we haveĀ for you.Ā 

Enjoy the delights of Caribbean foods in your kitchen

Welcome to Windrush Bay - let us bring the markets to you and enjoy shopping for your tropical favourites with us.


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