Nuff Naturals

'Nuff respect' to Samantha David and her gorgeous selection of beauty products made from natural, ethical and organic ingredients.

Recognising a desire and desperate need for natural remedies for herself and her husband, Samantha developed a strong passion and embarked on her dream in 2006. She researched, attended cosmetic courses and experimented with recipes in her kitchen, using wonderful ingredients found in nature from all over the world. Her simple yet effective products are enjoyed by those who love to keep it real by using natural and ethical ingredients for hair and skin care.

The term 'Nuff' is a wonderful and playful Jamaican slang term - meaning 'more than enough' or 'too much' as copious amounts of 100% natural goodness goes into each product, with genuine passion and love.

Nuff products are never tested on animals.



Nuff Naturals

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