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Covid-19 - important information

You will no doubt have seen the news regarding uncertainty around the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, limited resources and exceptionally high demand, your deliveries will take longer than usual. We continue to deliver orders as usual but we will keep a close watch on developments, which may mean that we stop our service temporarily.

For the Tropical Fruit and Veg box, orders placed will delivered a week later (this service operates within London and the M25 only) and other products will take at least 10 days. Please note that some products may be unavailable at short notice.

Whenever possible, couriers will deliver to a safe place. They will take a photo to confirm safe delivery and send a message to the customer detailing where the order has been placed.

Where a safe place is not possible, couriers will deliver to your doorstep as usual. You will not be required to sign the handheld device. 

We are working with our carriers ensure your purchases arrive as soon as possible. Our customer service and social media teams are on hand to answer enquiries as quickly as possible and we urge anyone concerned about deliveries to contact us at

The health and wellbeing of staff and customers is our priority, so please bear with us during this challenging and exceptional time.  

Stay safe and well.



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