5 Ways to Enjoy a Caribbean Christmas

5 Ways to Enjoy a Caribbean Christmas

Think of the Caribbean islands and images of bright sunshine, blue skies, beautiful beaches  and laid-back living springs to mind. But the Caribbean vibes can still mesh with European style Christmas celebrations, even though the festivities take place during the winter season. A Caribbean style Christmas gives the opportunity for people to enjoy the very best of both worlds and is all about people and celebrations, with food and music taking centre stage.  

Sun, Sea And…Santa Claus? 

Putting together a Caribbean Christmas is a special time for everyone. Here are some fabulous ways to include the Caribbean in your festive preparations this year. 

1.Festive Food 

Instead of the traditional turkey on Christmas Day, why not try rice and peas with curried goat, flavoured with a warming, original Jamaican jerk seasoning? Or reach for the honey or molasses to glaze and flavour a beautifully cooked ham? Typical Caribbean Christmas flavours include pineapple, ginger, honey, cinnamon and cloves. 

Portland Jerk Seasoning

 For dessert, or as an indulgent treat, try Turrón, a Spanish nougat bar from Cuba and other Spanish-speaking parts of the world. Swap your usual Christmas fruit cake for a rum or ginger-infused alternatives such as Jamaican ginger cake or Caribbean black cake. 

2.Drinks Galore 

Indulge yourselves with a shot of rum or create some delicious Caribbean cocktails. Piña Colada or Margarita before lunch, anyone? Coquito from Puerto Rico is another popular drink that is great for Christmas celebrations, made from sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, rum and festive spices. For non-alcoholic drinks, pineapple juice and sorrel and ginger are refreshing alternatives.

rum - Caribbean Christmas


Many Caribbean homes have embraced the European traditions of having Christmas trees, baubles and lights, but you can easily add a tropical twist to your decorations.  Find (or buy) some seashells and stick them on baubles, or group them at the bottom of candlesticks to evoke a feel of the ocean. Sea glass also makes stunning ornaments, as the colours sparkle in the festive lights. Weave shells or sea glass into Christmas wreaths too, for a warm, Caribbean welcome when your guests arrive. Dry some pineapple, orange and lime slices in the oven on low heat and add them to cinnamon sticks, pinecones and berries for completely natural decorations that look and smell amazing.


No Caribbean household would be complete without those sweet sounds in the background! These days it’s so easy to find all genres of music from the Caribbean online – check out our Windrush Bay Quintessentially Caribbean Anthems on Spotify to find out more.

5.Caribbean Gift Ideas 

From joyous spirits and juices to wellness products, we have a delightful selection for everyone! Visit our Luxuries & Treats and our Wellness sections for something special, including our Quintessentially Caribbean Christmas in a Hamper™ which captures the best of the Caribbean with all the traditional and modern flavours combined.  

Jamaica Valley Beard Kit

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