Enjoy a Caribbean-Style Summer: Tropical Vibes on Your Doorstep!

Enjoy a Caribbean-Style Summer: Tropical Vibes on Your Doorstep!

Summer’s here and our thoughts turn to holidays, freedom and fun that we haven’t had seen for the past couple of years. Summer socialising is back and so are the festivals we've missed so much.

The Notting Hill Carnival will be one of the major events in London this year and we are so looking forward to the sights and sounds of the Caribbean and of course the smells of jerk seasoning on the barbeque! https://nhcarnival.org

Get Tropical Ready 

Get in the mood to celebrate summer with a Caribbean vibe, stock up on all things Caribbean and be ready for good times! Here are some ideas to get started.  

Carnival Time! 

The Notting Hill Carnival 2022 takes place over the August Bank Holiday. There will be mas bands, steel pans, the sounds of the Caribbean, street food, children’s entertainments and the world famous parade of colourful costumes and amazing carnival creations. Put the date on your calendar and start planning what you will wear for the occasion. Look for inspiration in unexpected places – the bright colours of Caribbean fruit and veg can be a great place to start! 

Fruit and veg delivered to your door 

And talking of fruit and veg, save money and start a subscription box delivery service with us for tropical produce delivered straight to your door. Windrush Bay offers tropical fruit and veg boxes, which includes produce from Caribbean farmers and international independent suppliers. We deliver at a time to suit you in eco-friendly packaging and available in three different sizes. Experience a tropical sensation! 

Try a new taste 

If you don’t want to commit to a full Caribbean fruit and veg box this summer, you could try individual items before you decide. Tropical and veg are colourful, versatile, packed full of vitamins and other good stuff, and they taste delicious! Tropical fruit and veg are ideal for making smoothies and juices, adding to cakes and desserts or even to pack for lunch or a picnic. 

Summer drinks 

The Caribbean is renowned for creating many popular and refreshing drinks to help keep you hydrated and cool this summer. Choose from revitalising teas, hydrating coconut water, flavoursome juices or invigorating alcoholic options. What’s a Caribbean summer without some smooth rum, fruit punch or West Indies porter? Not forgetting Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee with your breakfast, or as a pick-me-up during the day. 


Treat yourself!

Summer is all about enjoyment and rewarding yourself for working hard during the year. Treat yourself to luxurious rums from across the Caribbean. Favourites from Guyana, Jamaica, Martinique, and St Lucia, make the perfect gift for yourself or for someone special. Tropical jams and jellies offer a delightful breakfast treat. Make time for pampering with Caribbean-style naturally scented soaps and bathing products after a hot summer’s day.   

Stock up for summer 

If you are planning to host friends and family, be prepared and stock up on cupboard essentials. Pantry items such as beans, sauces, coconut milk make up the staples of many Caribbean dishes. Check out the many Caribbean recipes online from Original Flava or Terri-Ann’s Kitchen to inspire you this summer.