Plan your Caribbean New Year Resolutions

Plan your Caribbean New Year Resolutions

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to think about plans for 2022. Sticking to New Year Resolutions can be challenging at times, so, the more motivations we can have, the better!  How about visions of travelling to the Caribbean for some inspiration? 

Enjoy a More Tropical 2022 

The pandemic restricted much of our movements over the last year. Now, as the world opens up again, we can look beyond our own doorsteps for ideas to make 2022 a year to remember.   

Here are five fantastic Caribbean New Year Resolutions to get you started.  

1.Eat More Healthily 

Caribbean cuisine is full of succulent, vitamin-packed provisions that can help you kick-start a healthy eating regime. Citrus juices make refreshing alternatives to fizzy drinks, and coconut water is considered a superfood for its rejuvenating, healthy properties. Healthy Caribbean vegetables include okra, peppers, peas, plantains and green bananas.

coconut water

Goat meat is a popular Caribbean curry ingredient and is healthier for you than other meats, as it contains less cholesterol and fats than pork and more protein than beef. Consider having meat-free days to help your health and the environment. Choose from an array of Caribbean vegetables and vegan ingredients to discover new dishes and healthy taste sensations. 

2.Try New Flavours 

Take out a subscription to our Windrush Bay tropical fruit and veg box as a way to have new flavours delivered to your doorstep regularly. Check online for delicious recipes featuring the colourful contents.

Caribbean New Year Resolutions  - fruit and veg box

You can make simple changes such as substituting your usual fruit and vegetables for tropical ones you may not have experienced before, such as green bananas, plantains, christophene (chocho) and papaya. Try adding flavoursome Caribbean spices to your baking. Ginger, cinnamon and cloves produce some inviting aromas and amazing flavours. 

3.Pamper Yourself 

Caribbean beauty products are renowned for their delicious smells and effective results. Many natural ingredients are used in shampoos, facial creams, skincare and bathing products.


Why not make a decision to try a new Caribbean-inspired beauty product or treatment once a month? Popular ingredients include aloe vera, coconut milk and oil, cocoa butter, papaya and citruses.

Look out for brands that do not use palm oil or contain any parabens for the healthiest, most sustainable beauty products. You can even make your own beauty treatments, including facial scrubs and bath oils infused with gorgeous Caribbean ingredients. 

4.Learn something new 

They say that a change is as good as a rest, so consider learning something new in 2022. The options are endless. You could take up a new Caribbean musical instrument such as the steel drums. Grab a partner and sign up to salsa, calypso or merengue dance lessons. Other ideas include Caribbean cooking classes, history lectures and fashion sessions to learn how to create Caribbean style jewellery and other accessories. You could even resolve to learn one of the few languages spoken in the Caribbean. Could come in handy if you are planning to take a trip soon!  

5.Book a Break to Rejuvenate 

A wonderful way to ring in the New Year is to plan ahead to look forward to the warmer days of summer. Why not take the plunge and book a Caribbean cruise to blow the cobwebs away? Or if you fancy something more active, check out scuba diving, kitesurfing, trekking, windsurfing, sailing or paddle boarding. If adventurous pursuits are not your thing, consider a tropical island holiday based around cooking, painting or nature watching.  

All the Caribbean islands offer a wonderful variety of ways to relax, unwind and reconnect with nature.