Caribbean Food and Drink – Women Pioneers

Caribbean Food and Drink – Women Pioneers

For International Women's Month 2022, we want to give a special shout out to the women pioneers of Caribbean heritage in the food and drink industry that are often overlooked. Still, they are making waves and doing it for themselves.

Ladies, we salute you!


Aisha Jade – Carisips

Aisha's journey started as a food blogger. She travelled internationally to explore Caribbean food and discovered flavours that were also popular in other cultures, particularly African, Middle Eastern, Latin and Asian. She found it heart-warming that these flavours united people from all backgrounds and decided that she would start making and selling drinks made from hibiscus, ginger and tamarind. Aisha's goal is to grow Carisips into a renowned global brand that focuses on high-quality products, excellent customer relations and philanthropy.

Aisha, well done!

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Lauren le Franc – Founder, The Little Coffee Company

Lauren was born and raised in the Caribbean. She started working in the coffee industry back home, travelling up and down the narrow roads to the top of the mountains where the best coffee beans can be found. She wondered why our communities had such poverty and saw that there were so many proud women producing some of the best beans! Lauren wanted to create a brand that didn't compromise on quality and paid a woman what she deserved.

Lauren's award-winning enterprise, The Little Coffee Company, helps small-holder farmers get access to markets and funding. She works mainly with female farmers in disadvantaged communities to help them build economic independence and sustainable farming methods across Africa and the Caribbean.

Lauren, we love your passion!

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Caren Balfour – Founder/CEO, Jamaica Valley


Jamaica Valley started in 2016 - an authentic food brand available across the UK, the US and Canada. Although based in London, England, Jamaica Valley products are manufactured in Runaway Bay, St Ann, Jamaica.

Caren Balfour established the business with her husband Ural George. They really wanted to share the beautiful flavours of cooking they had experienced in their kitchen, using their own exceptional blends of authentic Jamaican seasonings.

They started with four blends of seasoning and quickly decided to make other products such as old school herbal teas and Jamaican black castor oil.

Caren says, "All of our seasonings are made from scratch. The ingredients - peppers, onions, garlic, pimento, for instance – are ground and combined to create an authentic flavour".

Their product range has now expanded to include pantry items and other beauty products.

Caren is proud of the job opportunities Jamaica Valley provides in Jamaica, where there is high unemployment. She adds: "My dream is to fill that gap [of unemployment]. I wanted to bring these opportunities to Jamaica, and even in the UK, I do try my best to even use black-owned businesses. We network with other black businesses."

"Our mission is to keep with the integrity of the Jamaican brand. We are quality first, always. When people buy Jamaica Valley, I want people to get that authentic taste".

Caren, we love your vision!

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Terri-Ann, Terri-Ann’s Kitchen


Terri-Ann is a St. Lucian home cook, mum, army wife and YouTuber whose passion for food has enabled her to connect with a large audience in just two years. In 2017 after moving out of London to the countryside, she found herself struggling for ways to keep occupied when her husband was deployed every now and again, and she was home with small children.

What started as a simple hobby quickly turned into something more as she rediscovered her passion for cooking, being a new wife and mum. In little to no time, she had amassed a fan base from all around the world. After sharing only snippets of her talent on Instagram for just a year and a half, she decided to branch over to YouTube and is doing exceptionally well on that platform too. Now, she has surpassed over 600,000 subscribers and counting, and one can only guess what is next for the young home cook.

Her food is vibrant, rich, and so filled with love that you almost feel like she may be your long lost auntie! She has offered so much and has more to offer in the forms of eBooks, cookbooks, seasonings and merchandise.

Big up, Terri-Ann, Caribbean Cooking Queen!

Check out Terri-Ann’s Kitchen and her amazing recipes on YouTube