Caribbean Drinks to Welcome in the New Year

Caribbean Drinks to Welcome in the New Year

New Year's Eve is always a time to celebrate the past twelve months and look ahead to next year, an ideal time to meet up with friends, catch up with family members and share delicious food and drink.

2021 has been a challenging year for many of us. The end of December is the perfect time to try a few Caribbean beverages and cocktails to get into a party mood. From the usual favourites to some less well-known flavours, here are some delightful cocktail combinations to get your New Year gathering started. There are soft options for the designated drivers and non-drinkers too!

End of Year Celebrations

• Margarita

Margarita is a tequila-based Mexican cocktail with lots of orange liqueur, a triple sec such as Cointreau and lime juice for added zing, served in a cocktail glass full of crushed or cubed ice and salt around the rim. The last word in Caribbean zest and sophistication.

• Piña Colada

This cool, refreshing cocktail originates from Puerto Rico, with coconut rum and pineapple flavours. A Piña Colada is served in a tall glass garnished with fresh pineapple wedges. It is the original celebration drink from this party region.

Piña Colada - caribbean drink

• Cuba Libre

A Cuba Libre is a fiery rum cocktail that hails from Cuba, bringing memories of sunshine, music and long, luxurious beaches. It's made by mixing rum with ice, cola and lime slices. If you want your New Year party to go with a bang, serve Cuba Libre to get people dancing.

• Daiquiri

Cuba is also famous for another party cocktail – the Daiquiri. This one is made using crushed ice, rum, lime juice and sugar. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then strained and served very cold. Add bananas for a different texture and taste.


• Mojito

A third Cuban cocktail is next on the list. Mojitos are all the rage for mint lovers, as the drink is made from mint leaves mixed with rum, sugar, club soda and lime wedges. A Mojito freshens the palate and livens up the soul for a party to remember in the winter months ahead.


• Dark and Stormy

The richer tones of this nautical-themed drink from Bermuda are ideal for festive December and early January. Mix dark rum with some lime juice and ginger beer. Serve with ice and soothe the cockles of the heart. A warming end to a lovely evening!

• Ponche de crema / ponche crema

This Caribbean eggnog is made from white rum, bitters, eggs, lime zest, condensed and evaporated milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. Serve with ice for a comforting festive drink. Variations include adding coconut to resemble the Latin Coquito beverage. This drink not only tastes delicious, but it looks decadent and indulgent with a creamy, rich texture and a dusting of cinnamon or nutmeg to serve.

New Year, New Start

• Ginger tea

This non-alcoholic hot drink helps revive groggy heads the day after the night before, a great start first thing in the morning, to be ready for a new day and a New Year. It is a herbal tea made with ginger. Add some honey or lemongrass for a sweeter taste.

ginger tea

• Coconut water

Coconut water is thirst-quenching and great for hydrating your body after exercise. Drink it in its natural state or mix with juices such as orange, lime, mango, papaya or pineapple for added vitamins and goodness.

coconut water

No New Year health kick is complete without this super drink.